Chicken Noodle Soup

Here’s how I envision January during the holidays: There I am in the not too distant future – only eating healthy, detoxifying foods and running 10 miles a week all while organizing my home, being mindful of the moments and creating reaching yet attainable goals for the year ahead! I only use social media for good and wash my face twice a day!!! I am my highest functioning self and am incredibly jazzed about it! (more…)

Simple Roast Chicken with Roots

Roast Chicken with RootsSimple Roast Chicken with Roots | The Solstice Table
The key to perfect roast chicken? Don’t over think it. Many things in life can be made easier with this simple mantra. I mean obviously life is complicated and there’s a lot of decisions and worries – Should I buy a home now? Should I go back to school? Am I working towards something meaningful? Do my new glasses make me look like a hipster? Am I wearing too much flannel? (Wait, am I turning into a hipster?!) – you get the idea. I don’t trivialize life’s complexities with this mantra but I find putting in the time, doing the work and then letting go is all you can really do. Being overly in your head isn’t good for anyone but I know getting out of it isn’t necessarily easy. I find focusing on what’s important and recognizing what I can and can’t control gives me clarity and puts my mind at ease.

Roast  Chicken with Roots | The Solstice Table
 Don’t over think it – this is not a life changing revelation but if you can get out of your head and start really experiencing, breathing, and letting go you’ll be surprised at how it can change your outlook. Alright….that’s probably enough life coaching for a food blog so back to the task at hand – roasting a chicken. I think sometimes people are intimidated by it but really it’s quite simple. The most important thing is to start with a quality bird from a local farmer. This will make your end result so much better without you really having to do anything. I’m all about getting street cred for an amazing dish when all I did was pick the right ingredients. (more…)