Chicken Noodle Soup

Here’s how I envision January during the holidays: There I am in the not too distant future – only eating healthy, detoxifying foods and running 10 miles a week all while organizing my home, being mindful of the moments and creating reaching yet attainable goals for the year ahead! I only use social media for good and wash my face twice a day!!! I am my highest functioning self and am incredibly jazzed about it! (more…)

Sparkling Persimmon Margaritas


Holidays on Ice was the first David Sedaris book I read and of all the stories in the book Santaland Diaries was my obvious favorite. We still read it aloud every few years to get in the snarky Christmas Spirit! There’s just something so heart warming and genuine about Krumpet’s misadventures around the Magic Tree.  If you’re in the Chicago area I highly recommend going to Santaland Diaries at the Wit. You get to see it preformed in all of its elfin glory while sipping on a cocktail or two – the perfect holiday tradition!sparkling-persimmon-margarita-12sparkling-persimmon-margarita-4

Winter Citrus Salad

Citrus Salad - The Solstice Table
Color.  I am in desperate need of COLOR. Late winter in Chicago is pretty bleak. The salt white washes everything to a dull gray and even the once white snow is now just a darker shade of slush gray. Whenever the sun comes out you have to drop everything you’re doing and bask in it – exposing any skin you can to soak in the warming rays. I often feel like Powder whenever this happens. A bright blinding white reflecting the sun’s rays so fully you have to avert your eyes or risk losing your sight. 

Citrus Salad.  The Solstice Table
The one saving grace of winter is that even though nothing is growing here the most amazing, delicious & COLORFUL citrus grows heavy on tall branches in warmer climates. Valencias & Navels give way to Minneolas, Satsumas and Cara Caras. I practically squeal once the Blood Oranges arrive! Beyond just eating them hand over fist I love to put them together in a simple salad. There’s nothing game changing about this salad but its simplicity really let’s you focus on the amazing, soul satisfying citrus!   (more…)

Pickled Beauty Heart Radishes


Welcome to The Solstice Table! This is the first post and it seems fitting that it’s as simple and seasonal as pickled beauty heart radishes. My passion is for local, seasonal produce and a lot of the times these are best enjoyed through simple preparation. Unfortunately winter in the Midwest doesn’t scream fresh and at this time of year we find ourselves relying heavily on the root crops dug in the fall. Beauty heart radishes are typically a bright spot in an otherwise drab world of turnips and rutabagas.

The sad thing is that I’ve never been fond of radishes. I would always greedily grab up any beauty hearts when they were in the take home bin at my work. I just love their deep pink hue! Unfortunately that’s as far as they would go – they’d end up sitting in my crisper drawer until sadly soft and then they’d be compost. (more…)