Michelada | A Spicy Beer Cocktail

Michelada Recipe | The Solstice Table
Michelada Recipe | The Solstice Table

Michelada Recipe | The Solstice Table
It is no secret that I love beer. I am one of those people (I can feel Sheila rolling her eyes already) who will sit and chat with my server about their selection of draft beers ad nauseum.  What type of hops? How long was it barrel-aged? Would you classify it as sessionable?  Is there more of a malt finish?  And so on and so on  – some real hipster shit. I am spoiled with the craft beer scene in Chicago. I feel like there’s always a new brewery I haven’t heard of or a must-try collaboration for the upcoming season. If you drop by my house I’ll have a few six packs of local stuff but what I always have on hand by the case load is Tecate. Some people sneer when I tell them about my affinity for the Mexican lager but it is my go-to beer all summer long. I don’t recommend drinking it straight but just add a generous squeeze of lime and you’re good to go. It’s everything I want in a summer beer. It’s light and not too high on the ABV making it quite sessionable. I can drink it when I’m just hanging out grilling in the backyard or I can drink it when I’ve come home from work and about to take care of business in the studio.

Michelada Recipe | The Solstice Table
Lucky for me I was recently at my favorite Mexican restaurant, Bien Trucha, when my friend ordered a Tecate michelada. I was intrigued and tried a sip because I ALWAYS (and you must too) get a hibiscus margarita when I’m at Bien Trucha but with that one sip I was hooked! It was spicy and salty, full of lime and it upped my Tecate game a thousand notches! I’ve been playing around with my own version and finally got it just where I like it in time for Cinco de Mayo!

Michelada Recipe | The Solstice TableMichelada Recipe | The Solstice TableMichelada Recipe | The Solstice Table

Michelada Recipe

Makes 1 cocktail

1 cup Tecate (or other favorite cerveza)
1/2 cup Clamato
1/2 Lime
1/2 to 1 tsp Hot Sauce (I’ve been obsessed with Crystal lately)
1/4 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1/8 tsp Horseradish

Chili powder & salt for the rim plus extra lime for garnish

Place some chili powder and salt on a plate and mix together. Take a slice of lime and ring it around the outside of the glass. Place the glass on the plate so the salt and chili powder stick to the rim. Squeeze half of a lime into your glass then add the clamato, hot sauce, worcestershire and horseradish. Give it a nice stir and then top with the tecate. Garnish with a lime wedge and enjoy immediately!

NOTE: I despise ice with beer so I like to make sure I keep my michelada glass in the freezer so it keeps my drink nice and cold. Feel free to add ice to your glass when you start building your cocktail if desired.