Healthy Grain Bowl Without a Recipe

Healthy Grain Bowl | The Solstice TableHealthy Grain Bowl | The Solstice Table

Healthy Grain Bowl | The Solstice Table
It’s official! We’re going to have an early Spring! I heard just this morning that Punxsutawney Phil saw no shadow so winter is over or soon to be over. (It was then also independently verified by our own Woodstock Willie.)  I’m not quite sure how any of this works but regardless I’ve got a good feeling about February. January was relatively mild in Chicago which is a welcome change from the past couple of years (I’m looking at you January 2014) but I still found myself having a hard time being motivated to make a healthy & tasty dinner at the end of the day. This is where the Grain Bowl really shines! It comes together quickly and can be adjusted based on what you’ve got on hand. No runs to the store required.

Roasted Apricot Yogurt Bowl

Roasted Apricot Yogurt Bowl | The Solstice Table

Roasted Apricot Yogurt Bowl | The Solstice Table
I can be pretty impatient when it comes to local produce. My Instagram feed doesn’t help the situation at all. All of you amazing food bloggers living on the west coast posting your market pics of fresh stone fruit, berries and heirloom tomatoes in May (seriously?!) makes me somewhat delusional. I start expecting to see local strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb and peas just a few weeks after a soul-sucking cold spell. If you live in the Midwest you have to have a short memory – it’s required. You quickly forget how unforgivably cold winter is and wholeheartedly believe that long lazy summer days will never end. I really shouldn’t be so delusional. I know better – I really do, but every spring I find myself puzzled as to how crops need actual time and light to grow. (more…)