Paczki – The Polish Donuts of Your Dreams

Paczki RecipePaczki Recipe
Back when I lived in Old Irving Park I used to pick up orders at a small Polish bakery on my way to work. Delightful Pastries was¬†in Jefferson Park so it was a straight shot for me on my way to Niles. Delightful Pastries makes some seriously good treats! It’s run by a mother daughter team but really the whole family seems to be involved. Dobra & Stasia focus on using local, natural ingredients in all of their baked goods and the quality of the finished product definitely reflects this.

I would come in to pick up orders and there was always donuts, croissants or danishes waiting for me with the order. Often times the sunflower rye bread would be just finished baking and need to cool before being sliced so they would sit me down with some milk and a pastry while I waited. I took that time to peruse all of their different offerings and people watch all of the ladies coming into the bakery to order their morning treats. They would speak Polish and it would remind me of my childhood as my best friend growing up was Polish. I was always fascinated when I would hear her mother speaking Polish to relatives over the phone. We never spoke different languages to any of our relatives (they’re Irish Catholics through and through) so I found the Polish language wonderfully exotic and romantic. I no longer pick up from Delightful Pastries. We get deliveries from Dobra’s father once a week now but I occasionally¬†find myself missing this simple morning ritual. (more…)